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OCTOBER 2016 NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY: PAGE 1 Custer Rides Again as the world watches Dakota Access, Page 5 Will Standing Rock stir younger Native Voters? Page 8 Canada $3/U.S. $2.00 October 2016 - Vol. XXX No. 10 Remembering our History Red Lake Tribal Council declares Old Crossing Treaty Day BY MICHEAEL MEUERS on October 2, 1863. The holiday would not only recognize the contributions of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians to the United States, but will also promote awareness of the history News From Indian Country 8558N County Road K Hayward, WI 54843-5800 of Red Lake Nation. One of the critical aspects of Resolution No. 140-13 was to create an awareness of the history of the Red Lake People (to include the Old Crossing Treaty of 1863, the 1889 agreement and the 1902 agreement) each year on October 2. The Nations educational institutions will be encouraged to participate in activities of their own choice. The Resolution States: Therefore be it resolved, the Red Lake Tribal Council hereby proclaim that October 2nd will be a Red Lake Nation holiday Old Crossing Treaty Day recognizing our contributions to the United States of America and Photo of the Red Lake River at Old Crossing Park, soldiers at the time were across the river on the bluff keeping an iey on things. Climate Activists shut down all US - Canada Tar Sands Pipelines BY LAUREN McCAULEY Common Dreams F ive activists shut down all the tar sands pipelines crossing the Canada- U.S. border on the morning of October 11th, in a bold, coordinated show of climate resistance amid the ongoing ight against the Dakota Access pipeline. The activists employed manual safety valves to shut down Enbridges line 4 and 67 in Leonard, Minnesota; TransCanadas Keystone pipeline in Walhalla, North The state has a history, we and Pembina do as well. Red Lake wants to tell the story from our perspective. We need to raise the level of discourse on this subject. We want to educate our people but also the citizens of Minnesota and the United States on what we gave." ~ Floyd Jourdain, Jr., Chairman, Red Lake Nation 2013 See Red Lake Tribal Council, Page 4 Menomonee Nation holds rally against Back Forty sulfide mining project BY PAUL DEMAIN News From Indian Country Menominee River, Michigan A gainst the backdrop of their beloved Menominee River and at the site of the former Menominee village of White Rapids the Menominee Nation rallied a couple of hundred people to view the site of a proposed silver, copper and zinc mine in the heart of the homelands of the Menominee people. The event took place on a sunny afternoon when rainstorms broke to make room for over a dozen speakers hoping to raise the awareness of the historical and cultural value of the region. The area is pock-marked by ancient raised agricultural mounds running eight miles along the river, burial and effigy mounds and archaeological features that still remain 150 years after the Menominee were forced to choose between the Menominee River site and the Wolf River in Wisconsin where the tribes currently resides. They made their presence known for The activists employed manual safety valves to shut down Enbridge's line 4 and 67 in Leonard, Minnesota; TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in Walhalla, North Dakota; Spectra Energy's Express pipeline in Coal Banks Landing, Montana; and Kinder-Morgan's Trans-Mountain pipeline in Anacortes, Washington. Dakota; Spectra Energys Express pipeline in Coal Banks Landing, Montana; and Kinder-Morgans Trans-Mountain pipeline in Anacortes, Washington. The activists, who planned the action to coincide with the International Days of Prayer and Action With Standing Rock, expressed feeling duty bound to halt the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels... in the absence of any political leadership to address the withering goal of keeping global temperature increase beneath the 2C climate threshold. I have signed hundreds of petitions, testified at dozens of hearings, met with most of my political representatives at every level, to very little avail, said 64-year-old mother Annette Klapstein of Bainbridge Island, Washington, who was arrested just before publication. I have come to believe that our current economic and political system is a death sentence to life on earth, and that I must do everything in my power to replace these systems with cooperative, just, equitable and love- centered ways of living together. This is my act of love. Fifty-nine-year-old Ken Ward of Corbette, Oregon, who was also arrested, said, There is no plan of action, policy or strategy being advanced now by any political leader or environmental See Climate activists shut down, Page 5 Stephenson, Michigan - One of several burial mounds that are found within the footprint of the Back Forty sulfide mining project proposed by the Canadian corporation Aquila. This mound had several burials removed many years ago as evidenced by the pits dug into the center of the mound. The mining site runs along the Menominee River and has a proposed open pit that would then channel under the Menominee River in order to get at the zinc and copper ore. Photo by Paul DeMain See Menominee Nation rallies, Page 6 October 3rd, 2016 - Red Lake, Minnesota T he Red Lake tribal council voted unanimously on September 10, 2013, to establish a Red Lake Na- tion tribal holiday, Old Crossing Treaty Day, to commemorate the only treaty be- tween the United States and Red Lake Na- tion. The treaty was signed 153 years ago

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