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MAY 2017 NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY: PAGE 1 Poarch Creek Band amusement Park skated to open, Page 3 The Wiindigo and the Water Protectors, Page 10 Canada $3/U.S. $2.00 May 2017 - Vol. XXXI No. 5 Come and Get Your Love: A Celebratory Ode to Redbone By JIM HOFFMAN Special to News From Indian Country P at and Lolly Vegas, native sons of Fresno, California, sharpened their skills as a backup band for famed 50s crooner, Jimmy Clanton, worked their way into studio session work with the likes of Elvis Presley and Barry White, played their way to the top of the Hollywood club circuit with their soulmate, Mike Kowalski, singlehandedly created the Swamp Rock genre with the hit song, Niki Hoeky, and further changed history with the creation of the first ever Native American rock band: Redbone. Pat and Lolly Vegas, along with their bandmates, Pete DePoe, Tony Bellamy and Butch Rillera, encountered many a legend in the business - such as Liberace, Henry Mancini and Jim Morrison - spiritual intersections which served as brightly lit signposts along the way toward their storied destiny. Now a new Pat Redbone Vegas memoir could save the rock bios from the News From Indian Country 8558N County Road K Hayward, WI 54843-5800 By MIKE ANDERSON PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP/Rapid City Journal) T he grass is a vibrant green outside Jackie and Austin Ice's trailer home, rejuvenated by a barely controlled wildfire last fall. The prairie meanders into the sweep of hills on the other side of the road, where the Wounded Knee Massacre site lies. Sitting on the steps of her new deck one warm afternoon in April, Jackie Ice, 47, recalled hearing stories of restless spirits when she was growing up. The deck is attached to a sturdy wooden frame built around her trailer home and capped with a metal roof, its ribbed panels a darker shade of the springtime jade spreading across the Pine Ridge Reservation. The color is intentional, designed to blend into the landscape. Erected last summer, the wood and metal shelter can't protect the Ices' fragile home from wildfires, but it has kept out the slashing winds, snow and rain. It's a blessing, Jackie told the Rapid City Waves For Water working to protect and save homes on Pine Ridge Journal ( ). Without it, she said, eventually our house would have caved in. It is one of 10 pole structures raised over trailer homes on Pine Ridge last year by Waves For Water in an attempt to push back against the housing crisis there. The reservation has hundreds of dilapidated homes, many of them without running water, heat or electricity. The Los Angeles-based international nonprofit humanitarian organization plans to build dozens more in the coming years. See Nonprofit working to, Page 4 Gun Lake Pottawatomi Reservation, Hopkins, Michigan - Indigenous chefs from North America, helpers, mentors, friends and relatives attending the 2017 Great lakes Intertribal Food Summit at the Gun Lake tribe's Jijak Camp. Over 400 attendees during four days participated in numerous hands on workshops and sessions for improving food sovereignty potential. The chefs and helpers pictured here prepared three traditional Indigenous meals a day from on-site foraging, donated moose, beaver, venison, muskrat, goat, regional fish and Indigenous farm and forest goods from the Western Hemisphere. See GLIFS Feature #1 Page 23 Cooking in Traditional Clay Pots for more photos/information on event. Photo by DKakkak Cooking and eating your way around Indian Country, properly.... Indigenous Culinary Chefs recreating Native cuisine See Come and Get Your, Page 5

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